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Paradigm Pacer 3000 Treadmill
Model No: Paradigm Pacer 3000 Treadmill - Commercial designed components 02 9550 0567
Paradigm Pacer 3000 Treadmill - Commercial designed components

Walking and running are the most natural way to exercise -run away from stress and into a healthier lifestyle. Reduce blood pressure and improve overall wellbeing and lose weight.

The treadmill provides an unsurpassed for a cardiovascular workout and burns calories at the highest rate of any exercise machine. Treadmill workouts deliver a great aerobic exercise with high aerobic thresholds. Excessive calories are burnt with treadmills workout. Kilojoules burned on a treadmill for 60 minutes averaged higher than stair machine or rowing machine or stationary cycle or higher than cross-country ski machine.

Brand Name : Paradigm
Item Code : PDG0026

. 2.5hp CTP (5hp peak) High torque motor
. LIMO Digital drive (low input maximum output)
. Commercial designed components
. 1-18kph (very slow walk to sprint)
. 12 Level high power elevation
. 23 programs including manual,4 Incline, 3hrc, 4speed, 4target,
. 3 speed &incline, 1bodyfat
. Large LCD with backlight display
. Speed/elevation quick select keys
. 2 display window plus 400m running track display
. In built receiver
. Hand Pulse
. Convenient 16 Speed & incline speed keys
. Switches on handlebars
. Low impact cushioned deck system
. 51 x 148 cm Active running area
. IPod/Mp3 speakers, water bottle holder
. Cooling fan
. Magazine rack & water bottle holder
. Hydraulic assist Folding
. 4 wheels for easy movement

Max user: 150kg max user weight

Color: royal blue & black in combination with silver.

Life time frame
10 Year motor
1 year parts
Life time Goldfit support

Brochure of the actual exercise machine can be found at the bottom of the post.

Treadmills remain the most popular exercise equipment forever and considered as a runner's best friend. Treadmills allow users to train for a wide range of sports and activities. This is a good fitness equipment can use by whole family members irrespective of age factor. Treadmills have salient features like easy to use, can align run or walk movement more natural to individuals. Treadmill offers low-impact to high-impact and interval workouts. Treadmill exercise also increases your heart rate giving best exercise to your heart and many more benefits as follow.

Indoor exercise equipment treadmill makes it more easy and independent of weather preventing jogging or walking exercise in monsoon. Now 24x7 any time you can do your run exercise.

Weight Loss with Treadmill and Stay in Shape
Treadmill burns calories at the highest rate of any exercise machine. Treadmill workouts deliver a great aerobic exercise with high aerobic thresholds. Excessive calories are burnt with treadmills workout.

Relief in Long term pain in Joints
Running surface of treadmill with bit cushion avoids the pain in joints and injuries can cause of running on asphalt concrete roads. Treadmill strengthens your tissues and joints to prepare you as a good runner without any pain or damages to legs.

Pace Consistency & Speed Adjustment Treadmill
Consistent steady pace is most important in running exercise. Running with inconsistent pace make you more exhaustive, may lose control with less gain. Fitness treadmills add consistency to your walking or running speed to control your momentum. Smooth transition from low pace to high pace fast speed and vice versa can habituate you for controlling your speed with consistent pace is the best running exercise for your fitness.

Set Calorie Goal with Treadmill Display
You can set goals to burn your calories in one session on your treadmill. You can monitor your burnt calories during a run or walk can be very useful to you for setting your calories burn goal your own.

Treadmill Programs
Treadmills offer various programs for different users. Program for beginner not having knowledge of how long running at what intensity initially. Program for treadmill walking routines, program for weight loss, interval programs etc, add more excitement to your treadmill workouts.

Stress Reduction with Treadmill
It is clear that exercise can reduce your stress level. Whenever you feel stress, jump on your home treadmill for few minutes and get refreshing energy and stress relaxation.

Treadmill is effective fitness equipment increasing your health standard, making you more health conscious and prepares you for walk or run, loses weight and fit for marathon. Treadmills popularity and market demand shows its versatile use for efficient workouts and adjustable to accommodate your needs.
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