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Model No: YOWZA CHICAGO TREADMILL GMT4.1 02 955 00 567

The Yowza Chicago features the latest shock absorbing Swing Arm Suspension cushion deck, dramatically reducing impact stress.
Enhance your running experience with its patented Swing ArmT suspension system that creates a cushioning affect whilst increasing your calorie burn by 14-23% per workout. The combination of the Airport technology, Mylivelight app, IWM and the bluetooth digital weight scales removes all the weight loss guesswork giving you a easier way to monitor your everyday fitness and lifestyle. Achieving and maintaining your fitness goals have never been easier.

The Chicago Treadmill was used by Kim, 'Surprised by 5' mother of quintuplets, on her journey back to fitness.
Kim was struggling to start the process of getting back in shape after her pregnancy. With the struggle of caring for 5 newborns, she needed the most effective weightloss system we had to offer. The Chicago Treadmill takes away all the hassel with the IWM intelligent Weight Managment System. No more guesswork, just results.

Mylivelight app technology

myLiveLight is the digital hub that makes managing a healthy lifestyle easy, effective and enjoyable. Set up personal weight loss goals through the Bluetooth connectivity and let the app track your weight, calorie intake and activity which you can monitor on your mobile device. The intuitive programming remembers your previous workouts and adapts each program as you progress.

Airport technology & bluetooth media dock

The new technology Airport allows the user to incorporate an iPad or Tablet into the workout by downloading myLivelight on the app store or Google apps. MyLiveLight can be used as a console on the machine and a lifestyle tracker off the machine giving you an easier way to monitor your everyday fitness and lifestyle. The built in media kit with Ipad/tablet holder speakers and usb charging point allows you to workout while listening or watching a movie.

Swing Arm Suspension, Cushioning Technology

The mechanically sprung Swing Arm Suspension system allows the entire running deck to move creating a ground breaking cushioning effect whilst increasing your calorie burning by 14-23%. University testing demonstrated a lower peak impact force but a longer duration muscle contraction which ultimately burns more calories. Users that have had a history of lower back pain, shin splints, and degenerative knees etc will benefit from this unique cushion deck as it disperses force rebound through the entire treadmill deck and frame. Run to your full potential without discomfort.

Touchless motion control

Controlling the pace of your workout has never been so comfortable and easy with hands free motion control. Traditionally users must reach forward and focus on small console buttons to change speed, leaving the runner feeling unstable and off-balance. The Hands free, dynamic speed adjustment on the Chicago allows you to reduce and increase speed through the movement of your hands without having to change your running position. To increase speed simply move your hand over the sensor conveniently located in the right grab rail. To slow down move your hand over the sensor to your left. To slow the treadmill to a comfortable stop, move your hands over both sensors simultaneously.

IWM technology with bluetooth digital weight scales

Built in IWMT technology is shared with our IWMT wireless Bluetooth precision weight scale. Using this to set up and track progress towards your optimum body mass index, our unique IWM technology will deliver a bespoke workout program every time you use the. There is no more precise way to exercise-manage your weight.

Pulsegrip and wireless Polar heart rate chest strap

Built in wireless and pulse grip monitors allows you to understand the intensity you are training at allowing you to maximize personal goals.

Whisper quiet DC 2.5HP motor

The Chicago will enhance your running experience with the whisper quiet DC 2.5HP motor and pro-quality running belt with speed ranging from 1-18kph will allow all fitness enthusiast to maximize there performance using the Chicago treadmill.

Folding treadmill deck

Unfold with the push of a lever and without assisting

MOTOR SIZE 2.5HP DC Motor Continuous Use
SPEED RANGE 1 - 18km/hr
SPEED ADJUST Hands-free Motion Control & console button control
INCLINE LEVELS 12 levels Front
INCLINE ADJUST Powered / Console button control
RUNNING SURFACE Swing Arm Shock Absorption
19mm fiber wood
1.8mm PVC / Fabric double layer
RUNNING MAT SIZE 50cm x 140cm
CONSOLE TYPE Deluxe LCD display with Airport Dock
PROGRAMMES 11 Programs
Target Time Program
Target Distance Program
Target Calories Program
Incline Interval Program
Speed Interval Program
Weight Loss Program
5k Self Learning Program
Heart Rate Control Program
IWM (Intelligent Weight Management)
custome Course 1-3
READ OUTS Time, Distance, Speed, Incline, Calories, Pulse, Program,
Weight, Recommended Weight, Height, Age, User
HEART MONITOR Convenient Wireless & Pulsegrip connectivity
PORTABLITY / FOLDING Softdrop manual folding / Integrated wheels and handles
myLiveLight compatible / IWM enabled
MP3 audio input
USB power charger
Bottle Holder

IWM Bluetooth weight Scale included
Optional Heart monitor chest strap
DIMENSIONS L183cm x W88cm x H132cm
Folded: L128cm x W86cm x H147cm

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Price incl GST: $2,499.00
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